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1 December 2020

By Communications Team

Fast Casual restaurants understand the importance of delivering food quickly. IFSE’s Table Tracker helps restaurants deliver a better guest experience and operate more efficiently. Table Tracker replaces traditional number card systems and the shouting of names over a PA system with automated location devices that identify where guests are sitting.

Benefits most often cited by our customers fall into one or more of these categories…

1) Faster food delivery
2) Enhanced productivity
3) Ongoing reporting to measure delivery trends against specified goals

Faster Food Delivery
Provide the experience customers demand. Faster food delivery means warmer food and worry-free guests.

Enhanced Productivity
Give your employees the tools they need to succeed. Be smarter about scheduling and use your team’s time more efficiently

Analytics & Reporting
Measure delivery times to identify pain points and improve your operation and performance.

Clients have seen measurable results from Table Tracker. Some see a significant decrease in delivery times, increase in table turns, and an increase customer satisfaction scores. After installing Table Tracker and seeing the actual delivery times, clients are often surprised when they find out what their “real” delivery times.  Most times, they think they’re getting food out faster than what’s really happening

– Each order is stored in the system so that managers can understand performance over time.|
– Reporting is provided both within the Table Tracker application and online via a web dashboard.
– The in-app reports provide on-site management two weeks of data to monitor their store’s performance.
– The online dashboard provides advanced reporting with up to two years of data and the ability to look at store-to-store comparisons.

Popular reports include (there are more):

– Daily average delivery time by day, week, and even time of day
– Average % goal met over time
– To-go vs. dine-in orders
– Table usage
– All online reporting is exportable.

”It’s the best investment I’ve made this year.” Johnny Carrabba I Owner & Founder, The Original Carrabba’s & Mia’s

Johnny Carrabba built his success in the restaurant business by focusing on two things: delicious food & great service. Unfortunately, food runners at Mia’s were spending too much time looking for guests and shouting names, both of which disrupted the customer experience. That’s when Mia’s turned to Table Tracker. Today, food is delivered faster, the atmosphere is noticeably quieter and staff can manage their time more efficiently. Above all else, Table Tracker has Mia’s reach its most important goal – providing a great experience for guests.

To find out more about the system click here.

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