The World Master Chefs Society evolved from the International Academy of Chefs founded in 1947 by Jean Conil, Marius Dutreym Adolf Cadier, Cyprien Jurien, B. Callderoni and Len Howe.

Recognition of the World Master Chefs Society is rooted in its eminent founders, patrons and life voting members who hold the grade of Fellow (FWMCS).

The collective expertise of its highly qualified Officers and Fellows guarantees its prestige and reputation as an authority by the hotel and catering industry and also by the technical colleges and universities of catering with whom the Society has close links as a further verification of membership standards.

Membership recruitment is strictly controlled and each member must have his/her application endorsed by the management of the establishment of which he/she is an employee.

Qualifications of the highest standard are required for members, including the Master Chefs City and Guilds Certificate 706/4 (UK membership), and for our international applicants, certificates of a similar high standard have to be obtained.

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Why be an Executive Chef when you could be a World Master Chef? If you are an Executive Chef and think you can go no further in your profession, think again, your next step is to become a World Master Chef.

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“We fully recognise the diverse international and cultural training methods and techniques that are adopted around the globe and the experience and wisdom of our Board of Directors and Chapter Chairmen allows every application to be assessed individually and fairly.”

DANIEL J AYTON, WMCS Senior Vice President


To qualify as a Member of the Society, you must be a Head Chef, Head Baker, Head Patissier, Executive Chef, Consultant Chef or a Chef de Cuisine.

Successful applicants will receive the highlighy acclaimed Culinary Order of Merit medal, a framed diploma in culinary excellence and a personalised World Master Chefs Society jacket. Members will also be able to use the title of MWMCS after thier name.

Associate Member

To qualify as an Associate Member of the Society you must be a Sous Chef, Demi Chef or a Chef de Partie.

Student Member

To qualify as a Student Member of the Society you must be recommended by your Lecturer, or another qualified person within your educational establishment.

Fellow Member

To qualify as a Fellow you will have to be a Member of the Society. It is the International Managment Committee’s sole responsibility to vote for a member to become a Fellow. The International Management Committee also has the sole right to invite a member who they feel fits the required criteria to become a Fellow.

Commercial Sponsor

To qualify as a Commercial Sponsor Member you must be an owner or manager of a restaurant or catering company.

Corporate Member

The Society collaborates with Corporate Members to effectively support our World Master Chefs and reach out and connect with them to inspire and enhance their culinary toolkit with new products and service enhancements.

Apart from receiving a worldwide recognised title, the World Master Chefs Society has much more to offer to its members.

World Master Chefs have an extensive knowledge of the culinary arts industry and are always on hand to share information and experiences with each other to allow everybody to reach their full potential.

Thinking of setting up your own business? Many World Master Chefs are successful proprietors of restaurants and catering companies and are sure to offer valuable service.

Our international Chapters are encouraged to organise events and competitions for thier members, providing great networking opportunities.

All the latest news, view and stories from our World Master Chefs are published on our website and in our newsletter ‘CHOPPED’ to keep all members up-to-date with Society news.

Our members can promote their profiles in our newsletter and on our website.

“The best assurance of the Society’s recognition rests on the maintenance of its high standards, regulations and leadership. This is why our membership remains based strictly on high qualifications, career achievements and managerial recommendation, never on self-promotion.”

GARY FILBEY, WMCS World Ambassador

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