Meet the family

The World Master Chefs Society is led by a committed team of 23 individuals who are united in the vision of making our Society a fun, inclusive and engaging community for all our Members.

“The World Master Chefs Society evolved from the International Academy of Chefs in 1947 and today is considered one of the most highly regarded culinary societies in the world with many of our international influential members having achieved Michelin star status.”


World President

Russell LC Morgan


Senior Vice President

Daniel J Ayton


Vice Presidents

Kamal Alkhatib
Krzystof Gawlik
Milos Lachkovic
Tushar Malkani

Ambassador on behalf of the President

Victoria Morgan-Cummins


World Ambasador

Gary Filbey



Eslam Ahmed
Peter Kristoff
Harry Linzmayer


Society Manager

Vanina Ribeiro

Ambassador on behalf of the President

Steven Morgan-Cummins


Chapter Chairman

Khalid Abu Eid
Erich Glavica
Philip Golding
Jack Hazan
Brian Henry
David Dong-Hyun Kim
Dovillo Nardi
Fikret Ozdemir
Sylvester Rozario
Patrick D Mitchell
Uros Urosevic

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