Friends of WMCS

WMCS strives to establish and maintain close relations with as many relevant industry groups and associations as possible. If you would like to recommend a charity, association, college, school or retired chef that has previously had links to the work that you do as a member of The World Master Chefs Society please complete this form and return it to Kim Chapman, Society Manager, The Maltings, Chelmsford Road, Norton Heath CM4 0LQ, United Kingdom or email Please note that we cannot list websites that sell goods or services.

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Euro-Toques Poland

Euro-Toques Polska is an association of chefs who care about good and healthy cuisine. Euro-Toques International brings together chefs from over a dozen European countries. Our goal is to promote healthy food, mainly among children and young people in schools and to help small local companies produce high-quality products.

International Culinary Institute

At International Culinary Insitute (ICI) we specialise in providing skills development avenues and qualifications to students, professionals, and employers in the hospitality industry around the world. ICI provides a platform for gaining BEB qualifications which equip our learners with the latest skills for better employment prospects in the global job market. Our qualifications and skills are the latest and best in the current learning environment, while our fees are most competitive in the market.

Alexandria Chefs Club

Founded in January 2017 to develop and train professionals in culinary arts and hospitality, currently with over 500 trainees at local level.

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