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WMCS strives to establish and maintain close relations with as many relevant industry groups and associations as possible. If you would like to recommend a charity, association, college, school or retired chef that has previously had links to the work that you do as a member of The World Master Chefs Society please complete this form and return it to Kim Chapman, Society Manager, The Maltings, Chelmsford Road, Norton Heath CM4 0LQ, United Kingdom or email Please note that we cannot list websites that sell goods or services.

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Turkish Cooks Federation

Turkish Cooks Federation (TAFED) was established in 2006 by the distinguished chefs of Turkey, as the parent organization of the 8 cooks associations. Headquartered in Istanbul, The Federation currently includes 23 associations.

The main purpose of TAFED is to contribute to the development of the culinary profession in Turkey and in the world by gathering all regional associations in Turkey under the same roof; to position the profession better both legally and socially; to raise the profession to higher levels by supporting the vocational training of kitchen craftsmen and to support young people and women in this profession.

Association Dominicana de Chefs (ADOCHEFS)

ADOCHEFS is a non-profit society made up of Dominican and foreign culinary professionals based in the Dominican Republic. Members of the society work together for the development, training, education, and promotion of Dominican cuisine.

Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan

The Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan was founded in December 2008 at the initiative of the leading restaurateurs of the city of Tashkent. The national cuisine of Uzbekistan is distinguished by its uniqueness, variety of culinary traditions, has deep historical roots, is very popular in many countries of the world, and also among the guests of the republic as a symbol of oriental hospitality. During the years of independence, Uzbekistan has done a lot to preserve the culinary art as a historical heritage and cultural heritage, created the necessary organizational and legal conditions for the development of public catering, taking into account national and historical traditions and modern trends in food technology. Much attention is paid to the training of young highly qualified chefs and public catering specialists. All this contributed to an increase in the prestige of the national cuisine, its further popularization. A special role in the popularization and development of national cuisine belongs to business entities and non-governmental non-profit organizations. Recently, more and more specialists working in public catering organizations become winners and prize-winners of foreign and international culinary competitions.


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