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Master Chef Morris Salerno, FWMCS

13 August 2020

By Master Chef Morris Salerno, FWMCS

Master Chef Morris Salerno, FWMCS of Highland Village, Texas was named the 2020 Texas State Chef of the Year at a State Convention on August 8th, 2020. Chef Salerno has been a member of the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Chefs Association (TCA) for more than 30 years. The Dallas Chapter is one of 14 chapters of the TCA across the State. The chapters come together for their annual convention to conduct association business and award the annual awards. Each chapter recognizes the best of their chapter for these awards and then the chapter winners become the nominees for the state awards. Chef Salerno is a past president of the USA Chapter of the World Master Chefs Society (2001 thru 2008) and has been a Fellow Member of the Society since 1992. He has been recognized as the Dallas Chapter Chef of the Year two other times (1989 & 1991). Chef Salerno was also sworn in as an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs in July. The AAC is the Honour Society of the American Culinary Federation and is an honour bestowed on chefs who have dedicated their career to the promotion of the industry. His induction dinner will be held in Nashville, TN on October 28, 2020.

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