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Master Chef Paul Hoag, MWMCS

25 June 2020

By Master Chef Paul Hoag, MWMCS

Chef Paul recently competed for Culinary Team Canada at the World Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart Germany. The teams compete over two days. Day one (Restaurant of Nations) requires the teams to prepare and serve 110 paying guests as a full restaurant service experience. Day two (Chefs’ Table) is a seafood buffet platter for 12 guests consisting of three terrines, three garnishes with an accompanying salad and sauce for each fish terrine. This is followed by hors d’oeuvres, two hot and three cold, followed by a three-course meal for 12 guests with a lamb shoulder main course. Chef Paul’s team finished 8th in the world. “When you compete against the Scandinavian countries it is tough as they are able to practice five days a week and are paid to do so. In Canada we are not able to do so as the funding does not run in the same way as in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore.”

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