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24 November 2020

By Master Chef Patrick Mitchell CEC, AAC, FWMCS

Our USA Chapter recently held its annual meeting and elections after being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chapter normally holds an annual meeting every year in the first quarter, to elect officers and conduct chapter business. As we prepared for our meeting in late March 2020, the world began shutting down. A two week postponement stretched into six weeks, then 3 months which went to 7 months and still not 100% back to normal.

We were finally able to meet in October thanks to the help of Chef Ralph Fernandez and his employer Royal Oaks Country Club in Dallas, TX. We were allowed to use their facility on a Monday, when the club is normally closed, so we did not impact any of their members. We maintained social distancing and mask wearing for the duration of the meeting. It was nice to see each other in person and felt like things were starting to come back around. We had a good turnout in person and had several others who joined by zoom.

The new Board of Directors was elected with Chef Patrick Mitchell CEC, AAC, FWMCS being named as the new Chapter Director.

The other members of the board are:

  • Chef Sean Daniels FWMCS
  • Chef Mark Schneider CEC, AAC, WMCS
  • Gene Christiano CEC, WMCS
  • Chef Michael Scott CEC, AAC, FWMCS

Like so many other associations, societies and fraternal organizations around the world, all activity came to a complete stop. No volunteering, no charitable fundraising, no competitions, no educational opportunities and most of all no supporting of the next generation following along in our footsteps. This has been an extremely tough year for everyone in the restaurant industry. Chefs by nature are driven by serving others which just wasn’t an option this year. The new board has vowed to make up for lost time next year! Here’s to great things in 2021!

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