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8 September 2020

By Master Chef Patrick Mitchell CEC, AAC, FWMCS

The Culinary community and the World Master Chefs Society sadly lost another great chef on March 23, 2020. Chef David Reardon FWMCS (26 September 1958 – 23 March 2020) was Executive Chef at one of the premier Sheraton hotels in Dallas, TX back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was active in the culinary community and a member of the Texas Chefs Association. He won many Olympic medals as he competed on the Texas Regional Culinary Olympic Team in Frankfurt, Germany in both the ’88 & ’92 Olympics. In 1991, as we were preparing for the ’92 Olympics, he was recruited (along with most of the team) by Chef Karl Haas to join the first ever International Banqueting Competition (The Golden Platter Competition) hosted by the World Master Chefs Society (at the time it was known as the Epicurean World Master Chefs Society) at the Tower Thistle Hotel in London.

Patrick says “We arrived in London in March of 1992 for the competition and spent two days in the kitchen cooking under the watchful eye of a panel of international judges. On the second day we served our dinner and then were inducted into the Society as Fellows by Chef Jean Conil! Chef David continued to compete with us for the next five years as that competition grew and evolved. It travelled to Limoges, France, Limerick, Ireland (twice) and we hosted it in Dallas. Chef David was always a bundle of energy and the “live wire” on the team. He was extremely talented and had an infectious laugh. He brought talent, fellowship and leadership to every team he was on. He also had a great love of family and when we went to Ireland for the first time he brought his wife, his mother and his brother, who came down from Boston to travel with us. I can still hear him telling us “Hey, I ain’t gonna miss a chance to take my Irish mother to Ireland”. It was a great trip, we won! I unfortunately lost contact with Chef David when he moved to Hawaii, but had kept up with his career through friends.  There are too many great memories to ever forget the times we shared travelling the world and competing side by side. David was the kind of guy who leaves you with a thousand stories!”

The picture of Chef David is from the 1994 International Golden Platter Banqueting Competition in Limoges, France. A fantastic trip, full of side competitions, tours and great fellowship.

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