News from the USA

24 November 2020

By Master Chef Sean Zugsmith, MWMCS

Master Chef Sean has recently re-joined us upon his recent move from Singapore to Hawaii. He tells us; “If you are looking for a good story may I recommend a piece about one of your other members Brandon Parry FWMCS. In late 2014 he retired from the US NAVY as a senior Chief who worked as the estate manager and personal Chef to many Admirals over the course of his career. He helped create a training program here in Hawaii for a joint culinary competition team and advanced culinary skills lab for the Army. Now years after his retirement two of his protégés have continued his work and training on the Island. Myself and Patrick Parigi along with people he has competed, certified and worked alongside. He has been a mentor to so many military Chefs and we are all continuing on his work. As if everything he touches turns to gold. Just an idea that seemed to embody what we do as Chef!”

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