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24 November 2020

By Master Chef Philip Golding, FWMCS and Chapter Chairman

Bodega Culinaria is Chef Philip’s latest business venture within the TAO Group. Bodega Culinaria shares a world of ingredients and beverages with integrity and value to create nutritious, healthy and joyful epicurean experiences. Serving Filipinos nationwide with the best food and beverage ingredients sourced globally and locally, Bodega Culinaria is a reference and source guide for ingredients’ information, recipe and food education and products are ethically-sourced, grown and farmed sustainably with environment-friendly practices.

Chef Philip has been in the culinary and hospitality industry for over two decades now. He is passionate about education and training in the culinary field and has served as program director of top culinary schools in Manila. He also has extensive experience in the restaurant industry both as an operator and consultant. He earned the British Hospitality Industry’s Acorn Award at a young age and is the Founding Chairman and President of Disciples@Escoffier – Philippine Delegation, Asia International.

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