News from Sweden

12 February 2020

By Master Chef Paul Hoag, MWMCS

Master Chef Paul Hoag, MWMCS recently cooked for the Nobel Dinner in Stockholm. Chef Paul is the only Canadian ever to cook for this event. The Swedish Royal family were in attendance, along with 1,350 guests, 45 chefs, 135 waiters and 45 wine stewards. There were four days of intense preparation for the event. Every recipes was in Swedish and every meeting was in Swedish so it was quite a challenge for Chef Paul. The event was televised to 30 million people world-wide. The menu included Bleak roe, cucumber, cauliflower, horseradish cream, green oil and kohlrabi balls; Chicken and duck farcie, yellow beets, pomme purée; and a symphony of seasonal Swedish raspberries that included raspberry mousse, chocolate and raspberry meringues, chocolate dirt, raspberry sorbet, raspberry jellies, fresh raspberries and raspberry purée.

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