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6 February 2020

By Master Chef Bhavi Khanal, MWMCS

I am Executive Chef at Seaside Finolhu Island Luxury Resort in the Maldives. A passionate lover of food, I began my formal journey from the Culinary College of North Orissa University, India. Upon completion of a Bachelor’s Degree from the College, I began to work in the kitchen departments of hotels and resorts. As time moved on I started to fall in love with the art of making food. I wanted to learn more and know more. I thought of continuing my formal culinary study, however, I wanted to keep sharpening my skills. It was tough to work and study together, but I managed it.  In fact, I enjoyed it. In two years I completed an MBA Degree in Hotel Management & Leadership Management.

I do believe in hard work and dedication and I know that it should be mixed with the spices of our passion. Sometimes I think that I am not only the chef who finely cooks the food, sometimes I feel that I am the delicious food on the plate! That is probably why I love what I am now doing. However, this journey of mine is yet to go further, I am ready to move on and accept the challenge. People say cooking is a tiring job but I know that once in love, nobody gets tired of loving. It’s all about how we view our job. I do often tell my friends that I don’t work in the kitchen, I date in the kitchen. I have dated my passion in many memorable kitchens, the Shangri-La, Jumeirah, Ritz Carlton, Kempinski, ONYX by Amari Hotel, Baros Luxury Resort Maldives and currently in Seaside Finolhu Luxury Resort Maldives. I have 15 years’ experience in this industry, including 3 years’ apprenticeship.

While you date your passion, you should know the art too. I satisfy my passion with the art of different cuisines. I have good experience in international cuisines like Italian, Mexican, and Asian Cuisine from various luxury hotels and resorts. I do love the theatre of ‘live cooking’ too. Making your guests smile with the fresh aromas really gives you satisfaction and makes you feel proud of what you are doing. I have taken part in different live cooking competitions as well, Horeca Culinary, Hotel Asia Maldives and Emirates Culinary Salon, achieving Gold, Silver and Best Hygiene awards.

‘Enjoy yourself while doing your body good’, this is my culinary philosophy.  If you want to be a chef, forget your fear of failure because you will fail time and again. Failing is just an experience like a burned dish. Nobody gives up cooking if the dish is burned. We cook again, so we rise again. What we eat contributes to our health. We use the herbs and extra fresh vegetables grown in our vegetable garden, as well as the best products from our partners and local producers, subtly combining their respect for fresh organic produce with creative recipes. We create a cuisine that is authentic, delicious and light, based on our earth’s treasures.

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