Keep up-to-date with all the educational news from around the world and find out how our members are working with schools, universities and social programmes to support and nurture the future generations of chefs around the globe.

News from Canada

Master Chef Elaina Kourie, MWMCS

As traditional colleges shut down in March, We in Culinary Arts Education and Training followed. Vacating our teaching kitchens, classrooms, and on-campus open to the public venues. But unlike traditional colleges, many of which shifted to online learning, culinary schools have had to contend with moving cooking classes, tactile in nature, to a virtual setting and platforms quickly!  Most have […]

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News from Slovakia

Master Chef Milos Lachkovic, MWMCS and Vice President

Slovak Chefs without Borders helped over 100 physically handicapped children and young people with disabilities in July at Camp Osbrlie in Slovakia. Twelve Slovak Chefs without Borders prepared a three-course menu for the children.

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News from Ecuador

Master Chef Javier Males, MWMCS

Master Chef Javier Males, MWMCS recently helped carry out social aid programs for the low-income gastronomic youth of Ecuador.

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