If you are an executive chef and think you can go no further in your profession, think again. Your next step is to become a World Master Chef. The World Master Chefs Society has developed into becoming the leading international honours association for chefs, a society unique in recognising and rewarding the achievements of professional chefs.

Sharing of information

World Master Chefs have an extensive knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry and are always on hand to share information and experiences with each other.

Invaluable advice

Thinking of setting up your own business? Many World Master Chefs are successful proprietors of restaurants and catering companies and are sure to offer invaluable advice.

Networking Events & Competitions

As a member, you will be invited to attend all World Master Chefs Society events and be able to take part in worldwide competitions.

Merchandise Range

The World Master Chefs Society has an exclusive range of merchandise for members only.

Online Profile Raising

Society members have the option of having their profiles displayed on the WMCS website for exposure, if they require.